Mahoganee MC’s “Dare to Be Different” Conference

This conference was life-changing in so many ways for me. It was an honor to MC the Saturday events. I woke up excited for what the day had to offer and my Expectations were exceeded. I got a swift kick in the derriere to pull some dreams off the shelf and I also received some awesome blessings by “Daring To Be Different”… On Friday night my ears  got an awakening from a SHERO who goes by the name of Michelle Rouche and I got a new perspective on my life and my dreams.  On Saturday I was touched by Davina Walker, Vivian Watts, Shaniequa Washington and Theresa Roberts. #ExpectGreatness

Mahoganee with Daniel Winans on Atlanta Live WATV 57

So I had the awesome pleasure of performing with Daniel Winans of the Winans Family (first family of gospel). It was a great experience and a lot was learned. I am thankful for the opportunity. We performed two songs from Daniel’s new CD entitled “Family” which is now on iTunes  as well as CD Baby ( Watch The Wind & Find a Way. Another favorite of mine on the album is “Philistine Stuff”.. Check it out, I know you will enjoy.


Mahoganee with 2014 Teen Chef Graduates

What a great time I had performing on yesterday at The 2014 “Stir It Up” Teen Cooking Class “Cook Off” & Graduation Ceremony. Owners of the #GullahGrub Mr. Bill Green & Sara’ Green did a fabulous job with the Teen Chefs. The Food Was Delicious… #TeenChefs #ExpectGreatness #Mahoganee | Event was held at The Shed (behind Gullah Grub) on St. Helena Island (a fantastic venue for celebrating life) #ResponsibleARTistry


Mahoganee performs at 32nd Annual Heritage Days Celebration

Mahoganee will perform a Live Acoustic Set at the 32nd Annual Heritage Days Celebration on Saturday November 8th, 2014.  Visit for more information.. One of the country’s 1st Schools for Freed Slaves & one of the most significant Historical & Cultural Institutions in existence today. #ExpectGreatness #PennCenter #Mahoganee