Take Me Back to Harlem

Our characters l to r: Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald and me as Nina Simone.


This was an awesome adventure for me. These are some of fellow cast members in the play, Take Me Back to Harlem featured at the North Charleston Arts Festival. Amazing things happen when you step out of your comfort zone and do the thing that frightens you. You become stronger, wiser and growth ensues. Your mind stretches and it cannot go back to the state it was in before and that is a beautiful thing. When you say yes to the right thing many blessings come behind it. I am growing…….

A Celestial Will

Currently working on songs for the new album and this one entitled “Celestial Will” is inspired by the untimely death of two beautiful young people who committed suicide last year Celeste Wills & Julian Jones. There were a few other students that I had the opportunity to mentor last year and with God’s help made an impact. I do not take my purpose lightly because the enemy is working overtime to steal our youth::: Produced by Beat Huztlerz Productionz for Responsible ARTistry Records

Mahoganee in the News

Yayyy, and the beat goes on, just like my love it’s everlasting…. the beat of my dreams is so in tune with my life’s goals. I am so thankful and grateful to be moving in such a dynamic and positive direction. I accomplish so much because of my connections with the right people. My business partners and I were featured front page in the business section of the Beaufort Gazette for our Ngome Collective Boutique Grand Opening and the Daytona Times featured the panel I was invited to be on for the Writer 2Author Seminar in Palm Coast, FL. #ExpectGreatness


MVPs Brick & Mortar

SO the day arrived and we held our RoyalTea Grand Opening on this past Saturday and it was amazing. SO much support from our family, friends and the community as a whole. It was a day full of love and laughter. We are officially open for business. MVPs is an exclusive partner of the Ngome Collective Boutique. Here are a few pics from our Royal Grand Opening. You may click on the pics to view the rest of the photos on my facebook page. #ExpectGreatness #JustDoIt #WomenEntrepreneurs #BlackWomenEntrepreneurs

The Ngome Collective Boutique is made up of (l to r) Mahoganee of Mahoganee’s Vintage Pieces (MVP), Cynthia Stewart of Stylistic Cafe and Donellia Chives of Ngome Inc.




The ART of Branding by Mahoganee

I am extremely happy to say that my very first presentation on “ARTist Branding” went extremely well at the Writer 2Author Workshop in Palm Coast, FL this weekend.

If you are interested in having a Branding Session or would like info from this weekend’s workshop please send your inquiry via this contact form 

Mahoganee gets the Role of Nina Simone

I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to portray the role of none other than the legendary Activist Jazz Singer Nina Simone “The High Priestess of Soul” in an upcoming theatre production “Take Me Back To Harlem” based on Langston Hughes’s “Less B Semple” by W. Lavonne Griffin. “Sometimes I sound like gravel and sometimes I sound like coffee and cream,” Nina Simone remarks of her signature style. Play dates will be listed soon for April & May 2015. Charleston, SC

Natural Nubian Love

I absolutely love this 3-fold shot by Natural Nubian and how it captures three different love emotions. (A smile is love) My makeup was done by @10MonaLisha (MakeUp by Mona Lisha) and it was flawless. The night was perfect.

This photo (below) was taken in our new location of the Ngome Collective Boutique. It also evokes Love. African Wax Fabric Earrings are by Ngome Inc. and Necklace is by Stylistic Cafe | Mahoganee Brand T-Shirt (coming soon) | African Wax Fabric Skirt by Ngome Inc. Black Princess Jacket by @MVPieces

At home on Stage…

What If by Mahoganee on Rotation at Hot316.com

I am so thankful for the continuous airplay by Hot3:16.. #Grateful …You can purchase HERE


What if you realize who you really are

Looked in the mirror saw a shining star

What if you realized who you could really be

In your reflection saw humanity

What if you realize who you really are

All of the beauty behind all the scars

What if you realized who you could really be

There are no boundaries in your destiny

Thanks to WHCJ 90.3 & WZIB DB Hot 3:16 for Radio AirPlay

I wanted to take a moment to say thank to Derrick White host of “Friday Morning Fire” on Savannah State University’s WHCJ 90.3 for a great interview and also playing my music LIVE on air. As an artist it’s a pretty big deal to have your music played on the radio and I am so grateful and appreciative. My song “What If” from my 3rd Studio Album “The Chrysalis Stage” was played on air.

Also another special thank you to DJ JesusBeats for also putting my music “What If” into rotation on his Radio Show “HOT 3:16″ on WZIB DB.